Women's Self Defense for Real Life Situations

It isn’t uncommon for various law enforcement agencies to host crime awareness classes and to teach basic self-defense concepts as situational awareness. While being aware of your surroundings and even having the ability to identify potential threats is extremely important, that isn’t all there is to self-defense. What would you do if you were attacked? Even then, just thinking about what you might do isn’t the same thing as practicing it.
Our Women’s Self-Defense instruction combines prevention and awareness with very practical, physical skills. In these classes there are no uniforms, no traditionally stylized techniques, or impractical movements; just real world responses to everyday threats. This is realistic, and practical self-defense training that anyone can learn and use effectively. You’ll practice real strikes like low kicks and hand attacks against padded opponents and learn what works and what won’t work for you.
Instruction can be tailored to you specific needs and goals, whether it’s a one-time orientation or a mini-course with a graduation certificate. Classes can be private (one on one) or in groups if you have others who want to attend with you.
Don’t wait until something happens before you realize you needed this kind of training. Contact us now and let us prepare you so you can rest knowing you or your loved one is prepared head of time.