Why Wing Chun?

Wing Chun originated from Southern China, and was brought to the US largely through the efforts of one of its most famous practitioners, Bruce Lee.

Wing Chun began as a secret war art, designed as a better and smarter way to stand up to bigger and stronger opponents. Its simple, direct, and efficient approach to self defense doesn’t require any special athletic ability. In fact, according to Chinese legend, Wing Chun was designed in part by a civilian woman martial artist for personal self defense from either soldiers in war or criminals on the street. For personal self defense, Wing Chun is tailor-made to be the best solution to keep all your family members safe.

Safe and effective for both women and children, Wing Chun is the one weapon that can’t be taken away by an attacker. With it’s simple and ergonomic (joint-friendly) movements, anyone can learn Wing Chun. If you can climb a flight of stairs and take canned goods out of your kitchen cabinets, then you have the ability to learn Wing Chun.

With its focus on efficient, close quarters combat, Wing Chun is also perfectly suited for law enforcement, military, and security personnel under even the most adverse circumstances.

Perfectly suited for use in tight spaces, Wing Chun is also the official self defense style for Hong Kong Airlines cabin crews.