Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi, Tai Chi Chaun, or sometimes written as Tajiquan is a high level internal martial art that began in Ancient China and has been growing in popularity in the US in more recent times due to its many health benefits.

Tai Chi Chaun may be translated as “Grand Ultimate Fist”, and as the name suggests it’s a very effective form of self-defense. Originally, Tai Chi was practiced as a means of self-defense, with the health benefits as a secondary benefit. Today, those health benefits have made Tai Chi Chuan a popular means of dealing with a variety of health issues. What is important to understand is that the health benefits were the direct result of its martial focus, that is, self-defense. While there are a number of different styles of Tai Chi Chuan, all with their particular emphases, not all have retained this martial aspect. When Tai Chi Chuan is divorced from its original intent the health benefits are diminished or even lost, depending on how it is taught. The vast majority of the time Tai Chi Chuan is practiced slowly, which is where some of benefits are found but not all of them.

Now, none of this is to suggest that only those who are interested in fighting or self-defense can benefit from its practice. However, it does mean that to realize the full benefits of the art the original ideas and purposes of the movements must be kept in mind and taught. Today, many teach quite a variety of styles, but few know why those movements are there, and so the full benefits are missed. Some of the most important benefits of Tai Chi Chuan like balance, strength, vitality, and flexibility can only be fully realized when Tai Chi Chuan is practiced not only slowly, but also as a short and middle-range fighting style.

Some of the many benefits of Tai Chi Chuan include:

> Relieves the physical effects of stress
> Improves lower body and leg strength
> Helps with arthritis pain
> Helps to reduce blood pressure
> Improves balance, stability, and posture
> Enhances concentration
> Promotes better breathing and better recovery from strokes and heart attacks

There are more benefits but none of these can be obtained apart from instruction and practice of it forms. The style that Jasper Kung Fu teaches is the Yang style and we teach the martial application of each movement so students can not only understand why they are practicing each movement but will better understand how to benefit from each movement as well. If you think you’d like to learn more about our instructional program, please contact us!