Chin Na

Chin Na (Qin Na) means to “seize control”. Chin Na is a system or collection of techniques used for controlling and incapacitating an attacker with a number joint locking or throwing techniques. Chin Na is not an independent style on its own, but its movements found in almost every Chinese fighting style. It focuses on applying pressure to tendons and tissue, locking joints, or throwing an attacker to neutralize threats. While there are hundreds of techniques that have been created over time, a sound practitioner is usually quite proficient in only a dozen or so.
Jasper Kung Fu teaches almost 100 different techniques, with a number of them being variations on a common theme.

Chin Na is only concerned with neutralizing opponents once the attack has begun, so it could be considered passive from that perspective. However, those who have had experience wouldn’t describe it as passive at all! All techniques are taught and practiced under tightly controlled conditions to prevent injury. Safety in our instruction is paramount, especially where joints are involved. Some Chin Na techniques are included in our Wing Chun program, but the Chin Na class is designed to cover not only those techniques taught in Wing Chun Kun Fu but also the other techniques as well. Anyone can learn Chin Na, however, due to risk of injury we will not teach the full Chin Na program to students under 12.

Our approach to Chin Na is based upon the teachings of Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming of YMAA.