What is Kung Fu?

The words “Kung Fu” in the Chinese language literally mean “hard work”. In the last 200 years in America, Kung Fu has come to refer to any Martial Arts that originated from mainland China.

There are actually hundreds of styles of Kung Fu, and some of those even have variations within their respective disciplines as well. Generally speaking, Kung Fu is a comprehensive Martial Art, meaning that it has techniques in all four areas of fighting: kicks, punches, throws/grappling, and joint holds/locks.

Of course, some styles of Kung Fu concentrate on some of these aspects more than others, but still all four areas are addressed, which is why most Kung Fu styles have both strong and weak points. Some other Martial Arts focus on only one or two areas, such as Tae-kwondo (kicks) or Judo (throws). Unless those students seek training outside their discipline, they can’t defend themselves well in all four areas of attack. Students of Wing Chun Kung Fu, however, learn to defend themselves against all types of attacks.